post covid



What are the challenges for the "new start" after Covid19
Although the consequences of the pandemic, both in terms of production and work, have brought "man" to the fore, this attitude must not be allowed to be exhausted in "Post-Covid-19".

Seize this opportunity for the benefit of your employees and company productivity. But how?
With a company welfare programme that makes it possible to reward employees and thus help them to cover certain costs: from health expenses for the whole family to supplementary social benefits, from expenses for care of the elderly to babysitting or food shopping.

With a programme of occupational health plans, a possible form of protection that allows you to have access to medical and health services that integrate or replace the national health service. Among other things, it is also possible to contact a specialist from a computer or mobile device. The video consultation - without physical contact - is a means of exchanging opinions, examinations, reports and documents with the specialist.

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