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Whether on land, sea or in the air - when you move from one place to another, you, your means of transport and your surroundings should be adequately insured. Each of your vehicles can be provided with an individual insurance cover that is tailored to your needs. Motor vehicle insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, old-timer insurance, the corresponding liability and comprehensive covers - as an experienced broker, we offer you exactly the security that you need.

It is not important how much and how often one drives. A simple fender bender, but also injuries to people involved with high claims for compensation represent omnipresent risks. You should also be adequately insured when travelling. Cancellation of travel, interruption of travel, illness, medical services abroad, search and rescue services, loss of luggage, return travel costs and additional costs in case of delays can be fully covered by our insurance solutions. Our online services allow you not only to purchase suitable insurance cover online, but also to efficiently process all your policies, documents and claims

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