Assiconsult Welfare - Employee-Benefits

Initiatives in favour of your employees

Welfare is a set of initiatives that employers pursue with regard to the well-being of their employees and their families. In the view of the social value of these initiatives, the legislator allows tax exemption for these same goods and services within certain limits. Both employers and employees can thus achieve tax savings.

To this end, various employee benefits are used within a company. These benefits are, for example, regarding supplementary pensions, supplementary health care, social & health services, aspects of further education, leisure programs, public transport benefits and much more.

New forms of employee motivation

As professional insurance brokers, we support our clients in the creation of a meaningful welfare plan by addressing their individual needs. In an initial analysis phase, the demographic composition of your employees is examined in order to develop a professional package of measures which are then implemented in the company regulations.

We support you in all phases: in the development of a welfare plan, its implementation and realization, as well as in the follow-up and appropriate training of your employees. As a professional insurance broker, we operate in line with the latest regulatory requirements and have a specialized team dedicated to the world of "Flexible Benefits". We are supported by a proven provider of national renown.

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