Risk coverage through parametric insurance

Your insurance needs

Parametric insurances are an innovative solution to cover climate-related risks. They are not only used in agriculture, but are also a complementary product to traditional insurance in the energy sector, construction, logistics and for the coverage of general natural disasters.

In all these areas, the effects of climate change, such as rising temperatures, extreme drought, exceptional rain and hail, lack of or excessive wind, low sea levels, etc. can threaten the existence of your business.

Functionality and advantages

The concept of parametric insurances is based on site-related averaging calculations regarding the occurrence or extent of a wide range of weather and climate-related phenomena. Based on this analysis, various characteristic values can be derived. In the event that the agreed threshold values are exceeded or undercut, the corresponding amount of cover is paid up to the amount of the actual damage confirmed by the customer.

Experience has shown that it makes sense to use the turnover of your company as a parameter for the individual design of your insurance. However, it is also possible to use climate parameters (temperature, amount of precipitation, wind force, water level, etc.). No matter how parametric insurance is designed - there are a number of relevant advantages for you:
  • Fast payout in the event of a claim and thus improved business continuity
  • Transparent payment and determination of the amount of damage
  • Simple contracts, generally frowned upon aspects such as terrorism, war, nuclear weapons, sanctioned countries)

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