Specialised insurance solutions for tourism


Whether a hotel, holiday apartment rental or bar-restaurant business, every tourism enterprise wants to offer its guests a pleasant holiday. However, if something goes wrong while being on holidays, the disappointment of the guest is enormous. In such cases, claims for damages can follow, which can put the financial stability of your company at risk. Other risks, such as business interruption or damage to business premises/company inventory, can also threaten the existence of touristic companies.

We know your risks as a touristic company and address them accordingly

We specialize in individual and need-based coverage of your risks. Our differentiated solutions combine quality and reliability, so that they also take effect when the unforeseen happens. Our all-round service includes professional risk management. During visits to your company, our experts can identify and document existing risks. In addition to a pure risk assessment, it is also important to point out various preventive measures. Their implementation reduces your risk potential and thus has a positive influence on the premiums of your insurance policy.

We have put together a unique insurance package for hoteliers, restaurateurs and small and very small businesses in the South Tyrolean hospitality industry that is tailored to your specific insurance needs. In this area we work together with specialized insurance companies that have a lot of experience and a good feeling for the requirements of the tourism companies.

In the event of a claim, we will assist you with professional claims management. This allows us to monitor the correct progress of the claims settlement process, so that we can ensure the best compensation in the shortest possible time.


Insurance chaos?

We offer you exactly the security you need!