Specialised insurance solutions for the food industry


Today's everyday lifestyle is characterized by an exponential increase of diet-related diseases and allergies. The obvious orientation of legal systems towards the protection and defense of consumers also has a strong influence on the food industry and its risk-landscape. In addition, governments are intensifying their activities in food control and the media report with great sensitivity about undesirable developments. Thus, the reputation of retailers as well as of the producers of beverages or food can be endangered.

We know your risks as food producer or retailer and address them accordingly

Assiconsult determines your personal insurance needs and uses its expertise to ensure that you, your company, your employees and your customers are adequately covered. Our all-round service includes professional risk management. During visits to your company, our experts can identify and document existing risks. In addition to a pure risk assessment, it is also important to point out various preventive measures. Their implementation reduces your risk potential and thus has a positive influence on the premiums of your insurance policy.

In addition to the usual insurance cover for civil liability, we offer special insurance policies to companies that produce goods for consumers or import goods from countries outside the EU. These are customizable product liability solutions regarding the professional coverage of risks caused by defective products. In addition, we also offer cyber coverage to protect your data from theft or mistreatment.

In the event of a claim, we will assist you with professional claims management. This allows us to monitor the correct progress of the claims settlement process, so that we can ensure the best compensation in the shortest possible time.

Insurance chaos?

We offer you exactly the security you need!