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The company

Being a broker means providing the customer with added value, being an external resource to be entrusted with managing the risks associated with the conduct of company business.

Our international Philosophy

Firmly rooted. Open-minded. Linked.

Our job is to understand, plan, and build alongside our customers. Another essential element is clarity in dialogue, which is essential for building relationships of mutual trust. This is an ability that sets us apart from the rest.

Your company cannot only benefit from our strong anchoring in South Tyrol when it comes to insurance cover. We can also provide you with the power of a branch network that extends across the entire European region of Tyrol- South Tyrol-Trentino. In addition, we stay continuously up to date with the Italian insurance industry through our branch in Milan. Activities abroad are associated with many opportunities for your company, but also with unknown risks. That is why we have entered several international partnerships for you. As a founding member of the international broker network UniBa-Partners and part of the credit insurance network ICBA, we are happy to build secure bridges with you all over the world.


Our employees

Enthusiastic for service. Hungry for knowledge. Appreciated.

In order to offer you the best counselling on protecting your company, we provide you with specialized staff who will inform you about industry-specific risks and provide you with the exact help they need to prevent, minimize and cover these risks. A constant companion of our employees are profound continuing education programs, which ensure steadily growing knowledge, professionalism and innovation, and furthermore strengthen the work ethic and motivation of our team. In addition to maximum efficiency and timely solutions, our employees convince you with their high level of emotional involvement and passion, which will surprise and inspire you positively – with certainty!


Proactive. Enduring. Paving the way.

As passionate insurance brokers, we go with time and offer you the opportunity to accompany us. What’s more, instead of just going into modern phenomena such as digitalization, we are actively shaping their change with you at our side, forming the future together. This gives us and you enormous added value.

You bring us the latest risks, we offer you the most innovative insurance solutions so that you are ready for all developments. As a professional service provider, we not only accompany you on the path of digitization, but even use it to your advantage. Our internal IT team guarantees complete server and software independence so that your data is completely secure with us. The accuracy with which we tailor your insurance coverage to your needs is based on proven software solutions. And not only that, if necessary, we even develop our own programs for you. As our customers, we make our growing, profound know-how available to you. In various workshops, courses and seminars, we not only allow you a peek behind the scenes, but we will even offer you full backstage passes.
C.E.O. & Chairman of the Board of Directors Gregor Stimpfl

Our history

From its origins to the present day: a story which began over 30 years ago

Eurorisk was founded in 1997 by Mr. Rinaldo Poletti, its Managing Director. The origins of the company date back to the seventies, at a time when insurance brokers were still relatively unknown. After a short experience in the field of insurance, in 1978 Poletti founded one of the top 10 insurance brokerage companies at national level. In 1982, as a result of a merger, a new company was launched, where Poletti, assisted by a very closeknit team, developed brokerage activities until 1995 as General Manager, managing work plans in the banking and industrial worlds in Northern Italy, and international programs for large and medium-sized companies. The team consolidated itself and some of them, thanks to the substantial experience gained, decided to look beyond: a collaboration started with an international group, then Nikols CGA Spa (now AON), as consultants to large companies, Poletti in the role of head of the North-East area. Thus a new approach to insurance consultancy was developed, addressing risk management rather than pure mediation. Thus Euroservizi Srl was launched in 1997, with headquarters in the heart of the historic centre of Trento, which subsequently became Eurorisk Srl: a name associated exclusively with the concept of risk management, which moved to the current premises in Via Guardini in North Trento.

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